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Wholesome Reasons to Take Out a Loan

Money can be the cause and solution to all of our modern problems, and it seems our system has separated us from our self-sufficiency as a part of the globalization of markets. This has had all kinds of ramifications throughout society, especially for the middle or working class, who now seem to have less money than ever. As a solution, loaning is generally considered a last resort, although there may be more value to it when approached for certain causes.

Loaning money has been heavily stigmatized in recent years, and often for good reason, with many people putting themselves in debt trying to accumulate luxuries. Although, as with many things, often the negative side is more conflated than the positive, and we don’t hear enough about those loan success stories which keep families afloat or loved ones alive. As a provider of services such as a car title loans in South Gate CA, we think before denying yourself the option of taking out a loan because of the stigma, consider the correlation between the reason for the loan and the attitude towards paying it off.

Reason and Attitude

You don’t have to be a psychologist or philosopher to know that your reason for doing something will determine how you go about doing it. Commonly referred to as “intent” nowadays, this reason and attitude correlation can be considered in all aspects of modern life. One such place where it can benefit the individual to really contemplate this matter is in our personal finances.

Driven By Wants and Needs

The human creature is driven by desire, says countless authors of books supposedly boiling us down to a quotable apothegm. Although an aspect of this which isn’t mentioned is that our desire is actually split into what we need and what we want.

Our desire for what we need not only encompasses those things which we require for our survival, but also those things that ensure the survival of our loved ones. Desiring enough money to help your son or daughter go to college is going to leave you with a stronger sense of responsibility, which in turn will help you to keep up with repayments.

Our desire for what we want is both natural and synthetic, in that it once drove us to go and get or make the things we thought would make us happy. Although this has been heavily conflated by capitalism which seeks to constantly remind us of what we don’t have. When we loan money to get a luxury like a new car when we already have a functional one, our intention is not as serious or meaningful and will make it harder to take repayments seriously.

So before taking out a loan for anything it’s important to consider: is this something I want or something I need? If it’s something you want, you may be better off saving up for it, or even saving up half so you don’t need to loan as much. Whereas if it’s something you need, then with a bit of budgeting you will be in a better position to take the loan seriously and make repayments accordingly.

Wholesome Reasons

As a provider of services such as a car title loans in South Gate CA, we know that we may seem biased in giving loan advice, but we also know that people are dealing with financial hardship and do require help with very real problems in their lives. That’s why we wanted to explore the wholesome reasons that people take out loans, because we believe that with good intention comes a good attitude.


Probably the biggest expense in our lives as Americans is healthcare, with insurance companies and healthcare providers setting phenomenal rates for basic health services. Healthcare debt is ubiquitous throughout America, and while some providers offer low interest payment schemes, some private or specialist providers may not. By taking a loan out to help yourself or someone you love with their medical bills, you will know the importance of making repayments as it relates to continued healthcare.


Moving into a new house is expensive, but its also something that in certain circumstances we need to do at all costs. As with healthcare, when taking out a loan to cover the move-in costs you will be able to see the direct correlation of your loan and your improved quality of life. This in turn will provide ample motivation to budget accordingly to cover repayments.

Whether you work remotely, in a factory, or even run your own business, you’ll find from time to time you’ll need things which will enhance your comfort and productivity while at work. Whether this looks like a new desk, some better work clothes, or an investment in stock, a loan may help you get what you need. Be sure to budget accordingly and not to exceed what you can go without, if you need advice for making loan repayments check out our blog.

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