How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

When customers come to us seeking Car title loans in Los Angeles, CA, we don’t look at their credit history.

But we do try to determine the history of your car. We look to see its value. The age, mileage, and overall condition of the car will determine the amount of your loan.

Some of the ways you can maintain your car’s value include:

  • Washing and waxing the car on a regular basis
  • Installing seat covers to maintain the quality of your seats
  • If you smoke, don’t smoke in your car, as cigarette smoke can be difficult to cover or remove and will bring down the value of the car.
  • Try to car your park away from other vehicles if you can to avoid it being hit by doors. Park in the shade, as regular sun exposure can crack vinyl dashboards.
  • Have your car serviced regularly, and keep receipts from tune-ups, oil changes and other types of work that can show you’ve kept on top of your vehicle maintenance.
  • Pay attention to the mileage. The more miles you put on a car, the more its value drops, especially after the 100,000 mile mark. Try to avoid taking long trips by car if you can avoid it.
  • Is your car more than just a car? Do you use it to tow things? Transport plants from the garden center? All this wear and tear can add up. If you can, avoid using your car for towing or carrying too much weight.
  • How you drive your car can affect how it ages. Try to avoid stop/start driving, speeding and traveling over unpaved roads.
  • Protect your car against rust. Wash it regularly if you live in a colder climate to remove salt build-up and invest in rust-proofing undercoating.
  • Do you have a garage? Use it! That is, use it for more than just storing your tools and old furniture. Too much sun or extreme cold temperatures can damage your car. Parking it indoors can help maintain its value and let you avoid expensive repairs.
  • When was the last time you checked your car’s oil? Put some air into the tires? These little steps can go a long way to keeping the vehicle running smoothly, with the oil ensuring the engine performs well and proper tire pressure helping improve the car’s mileage. These are things that are easy to do and will help improve the value of your car.
  • Floor mats can make a pretty big difference for your car, keeping dirt, mud and debris off the floor of your car. (They’re especially helpful in colder places).

How to Maintain Your Car’s Value with a Car Title Loan in Los Angeles

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